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Strange behaviour with Roon boxset tagging

Hi, we’ve had an initial chat about this over on the Roon forum but I wanted to separate the discussions as I don’t believe this is related to the challenges I’m having with Roon at the moment.

I think there may be a bug where a boxset is identified by SK when it doesn’t exist. This is triggered if you have 3 copies of the same album (possibly even the same release - I’m still digging).

I noticed the problem where previously I had multiple copies of albums listed under the artist view and these suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t find them until our discussion on the Roon forum. I looked in the tags list (which tbh I’d never used before) and there they were. Here’s an example:

I appreciate your comment that if an album has 4 disks or more it gets a boxset tag added but I’m not sure this is helpful in my case.

It’s confusing because in the artist view, the fact that there’s a boxset isn’t identified:

And when I view versions of that album, the ones that are grouped to the boxset aren’t listed (well, not individually):

I guess that I can go through and delete the tags as per discussion in Roon but thought I’d raise it here.
Appreciate this is a complete edge case!!

Could you run SongKong Status Report on these files so I can see their metadata and filenames please.

Without the support files I dont know which version of Brave the songs has been matched to, but the Deluxe Edition is a 4 disc version so it may be that each album has been matched by SongKong to the Deluxe Edition and hence marked with the Boxset:Brave tag

Thanks Paul, I’ll get these to you asap.