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Sonictransport and selected folder

Hi, I have just purchased SongKong Pro for my SonicTransporter i5. However, I am struggling to point to my music. I have tried different folder names for this in the ‘selected folder’ section but SongKong keeps telling me that it hasn’t been recognised.

I have a Sonictransporter i5 (recent version) with a Samsung T5 SSD drive attached to the ST. I use Roon and my end point is a Devialet.

The tree in my Roon settings for storage is: Sonictransport --> Samsung T5 --> Music

I have tried amongst other configurations: sonictransport/Samsung T5/Music

But no luck. I know it’s my lack of knowledge so any help will be much appreciated.


You should be able to select the required folder from the tree, can you post a screenshot of the folder structure that you can see with SongKong UI please.

Hi Paul, thank you, I’ve got it working now.