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SongKong v9.0.2 Rename/Move Files - Parent Directory Removed

Hi there Paul,

I just got v9.0.2 installed which I am running on a Linux box using the script.

I tried the rename function by staging some albums into my music download directory (/mnt/nvme_data/music_dl), the rename and move functions worked just fine but the parent directory (music_dl) was removed. I recreated music_dl and tested again and it did the same thing. I have never seen this behavior on a previous release, is there a setting to prevent this parent directory from being deleted?


Hi, on the Basic tab your selected folder is split into Base Folder and Sub Folder. The Sub Folder and Filename part of your music files are replaced by the rename mask, the Base Folder is left untouched (unless you configure a Move Folder)

SongKong guesses where the split should be, and sometimes its not correct so you can modify using the left/right arrow buttons

It sounds like in your case it had:

Base Folder: /mnt/nvme_data/
SubFolder: music_dl

but you need as:

Base Folder /mnt/nvme_data/music_dl

I had the base folder configured as I have before.

Song Matching Summary

  • 1 songs checked
  • Selected Folder : /mnt/nvme_data/music_dl
  • Base Folder: /mnt/nvme_data/music_dl

Okay please run Create Support Files then.

Support files are sent.

I can only see last two Rename reports and I wasn’t realizing you have Move Matched set so looking at RenameFiles000051 report as you have this set it will replace Base Folder with Move Folder, so in your last report it replaced /mnt/nvme_data/qobuz_dl (base folder) with /mnt/Roon_Library ( move folder)

So if you want to preserve qobuz_dl you could either:
-Set Move Folder to /mnt/Roon_Library/qobuz_dl
-Hard code quobuz_dl as part of the rename mask

Hello Paul,

This is not behaving the same as before.

Previous to 9.x…

  • I was able to maintain a temporary working directory (/mnt/nvme_data/qobuz_dl as example).
  • SongKong “Fix songs” would be able to move the albums from that working directory to my Roon Library (/mnt/Roon_Library) without deleting the qobuz_dl directory from /mnt/nvme_data/.

I would just like a configuration that does the same… I do not want to store files in /mnt/Roon_Library/qobuz_dl - I just want it to move the files without deleting the parent directory.

I’m hoping this reply hasn’t confused matters.

Okay I totally misunderstood the problem originally. So the problem is simply that after the music files are moved from the original folder to new folder the original folder is deleted?

I think the issue is that it was always intended that when you move music files the original folder should be deleted if now empty. And if the parent folder now empty that can be deleted as well. It maybe that previously you had something else in the quobuz_dl folder that prevented deletion of folder. If you add another non music file into the quobuz_dl folder then that should prevent this folder being deleted.

So the problem is simply that after the music files are moved from the original folder to new folder the original folder is deleted?

Correct. Although I have never had other files in that directory previously, perhaps it wasn’t working as intended before. I will try a bit later to put a lock file or something in the directory, I will let you know how I get on with that but I have a full day of work ahead of me now so it may not be until tomorrow that I get back to you.

I created a file and the directory is retained.

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Okay this shoudnt be neccessary to have lock file if it is the Base Folder, raised

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