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Songkong updating composer field when setting set to only modify if empty

I don’t know how long this behaviour has been happening, but I have noticed the following recently whilst using songkong v7.4:

  1. Album of FLAC files which already contain the correct composer metadata (NB: This is not classical)
  2. SK format settings “only modify these files if empty”: Composer is one of the selected fields
  3. Run SK and then reviewed the report which replaced the composer values for all tracks (in error)

So, I added composer to the fields that should never be added to or modified. When I ran SK again, it actually deleted the existing values!

I believe this may also be happening to other fields such as discogs album url.

In recent times I have mainly been processing new release albums, so SK rarely has composer values (hence, I have only just spotted this.)

I’m sure this never used to be a problem, and I haven’t changed my configuration, so believe a bug has slipped through the net!?


Can you run Create Support Files please so I can see these reports.

Files created as requested. thanks

Quick note looking at your reports there does seem to be a problem, still working on trying to reproduce it myself.

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Okay thankyou, problem solved and fixed -
Should have a new release out next week.

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Okay I decided to do an early release to resolve this problem, now available

Thanks Paul, just retested using the same Faithless album as before and can confirm composer credits were left untouched.


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