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Songkong splitting a release across two folders/releases

I have a number of instances of the same occurrence. One example is a AC/DC Who Made Who. Its ripped from a 1998 copy of the CD into one folder and the key metadata (Artist/Title etc) is loaded during the rip process, its all consistent.

After SongKong has processed it, it puts 8 tracks into “Who Made Who (1998)” but puts track 7 into “Who Made Who (2003)”. I can’t figure out why it should do this. Nor can I figure out a slick way of sorting it all out, short of manually editing the metadata for each of the odd tracks and moving it to the correct location. I’ve identified a number of incidents of this anomaly and don’t fancy having to resolve it file by file.

Any thoughts/suggestions as to how to prevent it (other than not putting the year in the folder name) or how to resolve it, now that its happened.



Hi, were the songs originally in the same folder or different folder, I suspect a different folder. If so do Undo Changes, put them in the same folder and retry.

If you run Create Support Files that would help me fully understand the issue because it will send me your logs and reports.