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SongKong running slower on new M1 MacMini

From customer

Hi Paul,

I recently am testing a Mac mini with M1 processor. I noticed when running SongKong on the same music library on external harddisk, it is very slow compared to running song kong same library on external disk with my 7 year old iMac. The difference is huge. I tried to figure out why, but cannot understand.

Do you have an explanation for this? Both computers run on Big Sur, the external harddisk is APFS formatted, through thunderbolt connected.

Hi, because the M1 processor is completely different to the previous Intel based cpu existing java based applications such as SongKong will currently run using Rosetta ( a form of emulation) and I expect this would account for the slowdown.

I am waiting for an official build of Java for M1, when that is available I can then build a version of SongKong specifically for use on M1 processors.