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SongKong not finding any matches since latest update

Hi Paul,

Since I started to use v9, when tagging a download from Qobuz store SongKong never finds a match to a database e.g. MusicBrainz, so the work and movement section is not populated. I’m using the Roon profile. An example is Beethoven - The Complete Piano Concertos by Hannes Minnaar with the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Willem de Friend. Another is Bach - Ich habe genug Cantatas BWV 32 82 and 106 by the Dunedin Consort and John Butt on Linn Records, but it seems to affect most of my recent uses of SongKong. I was using the old Roon profile ok before. Also if I try to manually copy and paste info into the work and movement fields from the Song tab, often the paste option is greyed out so I have to type everything in by hand. Any ideas?

Cheers, Ian

Hi, I have no answer for either question, could you please:

  • Run Create Support Files
  • Send screenshot showing your copy paste problem.


Thx for the quick reply. I have Run Support Files as requested. The copy paste issue is one I’ve encountered many times before and is intermittent. What happens is that I go into Edit Metadata and select a column of cells in Songs and then paste these into Movement under Classical using right click on the mouse to select Paste - it usually works, but sometimes the option to paste is greyed out - I can still copy, though. The keyboard shortcuts - commend C and command V also don’t work. I haven’t got a screenshot 'cos it is working ok just now.

Cheers, Ian

Hi Ian

I have found the problem, the issue is not so much the new release of SongKong but because of a change that happened with Acoustid around the same time, they have reduced the number of fingerprints that can be retrieved from their servers in one call from 20 to 10. So this means one of the ways we identify releases is not working consistently hence you are getting less matches -

This change already impacted Jaikoz - Jaikoz 11.6.2 AcoustId Issue on Latest Windows 11 and we did a new release to fix it. I did check SongKong at the time and there did not seem to be a problem, but I can see exactly the same problem in your log files.

So I have now released a new version of SongKong 9.0.2 to fix this.

Can you re-download and install, then check the build date it should now say 19th May (built today but we keep date lower in so users don’t have version update issue)

instead of 15th May


and retry the /Music/Beethoven - The Complete Piano Concertos folder

If that works I will do a new SongKong 9.1 release incorporating the fix so all customers will be aware a new version available with fix.

Hi, okay I think its a Mac issue because it seems to work fine on Windows but not MacOS, I have raised an issue -

Now released SongKong 9.1 Juju - SongKong 9.1 Juju released May 26th 2023


Thanks for the great response and service! I’ve redone the Beethoven piano concertos album and a match was achieved. I’ll check the others in due course.

All the Best, Ian