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SongKong - MacOS Mojave - No reports in Safari - Firefox Works

Apologies if this is a know issue/feature. I am running Mojave10.14.6 and Safari 13.0.5.

When viewing a Status Report in Safari, there are no “graphics” - just the section headings. If I open the same report in Firefox, everything looks as it should. I have conirmed this on two different machines.

is there a seating that I need to change in Safari or should I just get used to using Firefox with Songkong?

FWIW - the overall report layout (fonts etc.) looks a whole lot better inFirefox than in Safari.



Ok - I don’t know what I have done, but everything is working now (on one machine the other still has the problem). The only thing I have done in Safari was to go into Developer mode to check the error console.

The graphics display correctly and the fonts etc. are consistent with Firefox.

Apologies for wasting bandwidth.


Here are the Safari console errors:

Okay thanks, seems like Safari is preventing CSS being loaded, this would be a problem.
Im not sure I want to start debugging Safari, no else has reported so I guess it is some limitation that you have enabled on Safari, but I could be very wrong about that.


Thanks for the reply - I am sure it is a Safari “thing”. The weird/strange thing is that once I viewed the report(s) in Firefox, things started working as they should in Safari! The errors continue to show up in the Developer Console, but everything is displayed as it should.

Am fully functional,


Ive got the same problem with safari. How do you go about viewing the repost in Firefox or any other browser for that matter?

Just copy the Url from Safari to Firefox (or make Firefox your default browser)