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SongKong for Melco issue/questions

Paul, I have sent several stars reports. It nearly completes and cancels task because of an unreported error. I considered running delete song and the following came up:

Is it better to wait and complete the fix songs on the whole file?
What is the issue causing it to cancel?

If you could wait I will come back to you on Monday, thanks.

Sounds good.

Hi, one thing that is not helping is on the basic tab you have Save changes to iTunes set to Yes and this eventually causes a number of errors, I don’t think the intention is to update iTunes so you should uncheck this option.

There also a few minor errors noted in the logs that I will address, but these did not cause SongKong to fail.

Feb 8, 2020 8:02:05 AM

Database Error:Value too long for column “”“DISCNO”" VARCHAR(10) SELECTIVITY 1": “‘Jazz Alto Sax’ (13)”; SQL statement: insert into MatchedToDiscogs (id, artistCredit, discNo, discogsId, filename, lastModified, recNo, reportId, title, trackNo, trackTotal, version) values (null, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) [22001-199]

Looking at the report 9 it says 57,248 loaded and 57,115 completed. If 57,248 is the total number of files you have I think it is actually completing without error, and it is a bug in SongKong causing the difference in counts and this causes it to say

cancelled by SongKong because of unreported error

which is wrong really because there seems to be no error.

I would like to resolve this since I cannot replicate this issue could you help me by:

  1. Run Help:Delete Reports to recover some space (and ensure you don’t resend me the reports you have already sent)
  2. Start Fix Songs, set For Songs Already Matched to Ignore and see if still gives this error
  3. Start Status Report, and see if this give error
  4. Run Create Support Files

Hi, I think I have resolved the issue and will have a bug fix release (6.8.1) available by tomorrow.
This also includes includes two important fixes for delete duplicates including this one so I would advise it would be best to wait for this release before running Delete Duplicates.

After the fixes do I need to run fix songs again or just delete duplicates?

You need to run Fix Songs again to see if it solves the last few issues and completes without problem.

Hi, we have now released SongKong 6.8.1 and this should resolve your issue please rerun Fix Songs and then Create Support FIles

Please note, there is an issue first time you run on MacOS due to notarization, as explained in link below

Does the new release require an update prior to running fix songs?

I am not sure what you mean, but you need to update SongKong to 6.8.1 by downloading and installing before running Fix Songs or nothing will change, (note there is no inline updater)

When I checked for updates the below window comes up>

I explained this in the linked post, it doesn’t show latest release because of the issue with notarization. But if you go to download page and download and install that version it will be 6.8.1 not 6.8 that you have now.

Thankyou for the support files, but I am sorry to say you have not installed new version as requested - you are still on 6.8, so unsuprisingly nothing has changed and the problem still persists.

I downloaded it from the website and installed it. Will try again.

Thanks for the support files, okay I’m happy to say you are now using 6.8.1 and it is now completing successfully. (The only errors listed are generating acoustids for a handful of files which is fine, in any large collection there are always a few files whereby the acoustid cannot be generated, these are warnings really not errors)

Please go ahead and try Delete Duplicates now if required.

Thankyou for your latest reports from Melco machine

The previous reports were from the expansion drive content. This reflects the content in the Melco. It seems to stop before completing. Ran it twice same result.

The previous reports were against the Melco expansion drive connected to your Mac. This report is against your main melco drive, not the melco expansion drive that is why they are different. To run against the expansion drive you need to select the expansion1 folder not the share folder.

Paul, the intentions to run it on the share folder in the Melco. I do not think I completed this successfully before.

Sorry, okay it seems to me to have worked, there are no errors.

I assume you think there are more songs than SongKong shows, how many do you think there are on the share folder ?

It indicated 17000 songs loading…

Did it ?
All I can see is about 15,000, can you check independently how many there actually are.