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SongKong Errors when Fixing Songs

When I run the fix songs, it picks up all of the music files and matches them, but I get a couple of errors and not all of the songs get processed…

I get this error message twice. Trying to figure it out I checked the album artist but it is blank for all files, I populated it for the files but this did not fix it…

Mar 19, 2020, 10:01:49 AM

Unknown Error:com.jthink.songkong.analyse.general.ArtistCreditHelper.getNameCreditFromAlbumArtistCreditConsiderFeaturedAlbumArtistOption(

Hmm, looks like a bug - please run Create Support Files so I can take a proper look.

Thx, okay we recently improved the Albunack database (a combined database of MusicBrainz and Discogs data) so it can be built more quickly, this problem looks to be caused by that. There seems to be an issue updating from Various Artist Discogs albums, this will require me to fix the Albunack database code and then rebuild the Albunack search indexes and this should resolve the issue.

I have now identified the problem and have fixed it and am now rebuilding the database, should be available by Saturday.

Hi @fogmusic , this is now fixed.

You’ll need to run Empty Database first (to remove any Discogs releases from your cache that have missing release artist credits), and then if you run Fix Songs it should now work OK without these errors occurring.

Just had a chance to test out the fix. Emptied database and reran and everything ran through perfectly and files matched and updated.

Thanks for the speedy fix

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