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Songkong - CRDOWNLOAD file type for attempted download on Windows 11

I have just renewed my license which ran out a couple of days ago. I shortly afterwards attempted to download (update) my Songkong onto my NEW windows 11 system. As it was downloading it used the correct file name but on finishing, in my downloads file, the file was called ‘Unconfirmed 206714.crdownload’ Apparently a crdownload file is whats left when Google Chrome is used to download a file and it doesn’t complete or has errors OR windows defender claims it may not be safe. I don’t use Google Chrome. As far as I know it isn’t installed on my m/c. Windows defender needs to be told by the product developer/owner that its a safe program. I have done so as a user but I suspect that wont persuade Windows to update Songkongs status as being safe.

SongKong application is signed but the security certificate ran out in February 2022, purchased a new one but although it is signed it seems that it takes Windows a while to recognise it as a known certifcate rather than just a certificate, but its not clear how long this takes.

I think this is the problem you are seeing, but it only has effect onm intial opening of installer it should have no effect on running SongKong once it is installed.

Thanks for the quick response. The download hasn’t completed, it claims, so it won’t let me execute the install. All I seem to be allowed to do is delete it from within the windows defender popup panel or flag it as safe. But flagging it safe doesn’t enable it to execute, I think it just informs microsoft that a user, me, considers it safe. I searched for ‘crdownload file type’ to discover what this anoyance is all about.
Am I the only one experiencing this when trying to download SONGKONG 8.2 using Windows11 Microsoft Edge browser?. Surely there are other Windows11 users of SONGKONG that are (trying) to do this.

I thought you were using Google Chrome browser now Windows Edge ?

No - I use microsoft edge. Its just that the microsoft defender pop up panel that told me the download failed also implied chrome had been used (unbeknown to me) for the download process and that windows was ‘above’ it and defender did a final validation of authenticity/safeness and it failed that.

OKay I just tried it and saw your problem , got

and I Report this app as safe.

I then opted to Keep Anyway it then gave me this

Selected Keep Anyway


Then selected Open andf this comes up


Click on More Info to get


and then Run Anyway works

This is all due to new security certificate, very frustrating because there is a little I can do.

Thanks for trying it. So we CAN override this policeman. I didn’t try ‘keep anyway’ as I couldn’t see sense in ‘saving’ a failed download that didn’t execute. Keep anyway should say something to imply it will be made good/executable with warnings. Anyway the problem has been identified and a work around found so your customers can now be pre-warned, better informed.

Installed OK and starts up OK. using your method/sequence. Thanks again

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