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SongKong Changed to wrong titles/Albums

Good Morning. New user here. I ran a cleanup on my whole library then updated to Itunes Match. Not that I am streaming, all the titles are wrong! The songs have full titles and artwork but may be from another album or even artist. I have 8000 songs and most are wrong. Is there a way to have all of these corrected perhaps by song fingerprint? I am freaking out as the itunes match was my music backup now its all messed up.

So before we start concerning ourselves with iTunes Match the question is did SongKong identify your songs correctly or not, please run Create Support Files so I can see your last reports and take a look yourself to see if the report shows song correctly identified or not.

You have SongKong configured to rename files but I think you also have Apple Music app configured to reorganize your files so there is a conflict here with both apps tryig to do rename files, this is causing some errors with filenaming.

You would be best to disable Rename Files fro Metadata back to No in SongKong and then retry Fix Songs.

I cannot see any evidence of files being indentified incorrectly, if you think that is happening you’ll have to give me some examples.

I was looking at the setting. What if I disabled all settings in the fix files except the fingerprint. Will that correct the naming?

I’m going through albums and ever song is incorrect.

Do you just mean the filename is incorrect (and the metadata is correct) please show me a screenshot to demonstrate what you mean.

Here is one example. An Alice Cooper song, The info is a mess! Shows Iggy Azalea as the artist and the Cranberries as the Album Artist Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 10.48.35 PM|366x500. I don’t trust any of the names. The delete duplicates has missed thousands plus I don’t want to delete the newly created error filled items. All my playlists are based on plays.

I can see this song correctly matched in SongKong

I don’t know where this information is coming from, assuming it is the same file, looks like issue is caused by iTunesMatch, but I am not very familiar with iTunesMatch, or are we looking at two different files ?

(BTW you don’t have to upload your screenshot to separate storage you can just paste directly into your post)