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SongKong can now get Recording Location and Dates automatically

SongKong can now automatically pick up Recording Location, Recording Start Date and Recording End Date from MusicBrainz matches

This new data uses standard custom fields that are compatible with Roon so the data will show up in Roon under the Track title

You can also modify this data, select the 3 dots next to a track and select Edit from the menu

and select the Edit Track tab, you can see you can specify to prefer Roon or prefer file data, but because Roon doesn’t have this data for this album it will use the information added by SongKong anyway.

These fields are standard custom fields and can be use by any configurable player they are not limited to Roon use

Recording dates can apply to live recordings as much as studio recordings

The values are also available at the SongKong Edit Task as part of the Perforrmance tab for easy manual editing.

Should I simply select the “Fix Songs, add new metadata only without changing existing metadata” profile for my existing Roon music files? If so, can you confirm there will be no file/folder renaming?

I can confirm there will be no file renaming unless you have previously modified options for this profile, just check Rename Files based on metadata is set to No on the Basic tab and that no Move Folder or Move Unmatched Folder are set in the File Naming tab.

Two important rules learnt, which has given me confidence to tinker. Many thanks.