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Songkong Aerial - Command Line not working anymore

i was using since months the command line to tag my files.
After the last release I get this error:

Windows 11 Ent, i7 7700, 32 GB ram, No accessibility settings.
Reinstalled from scratch, removing before also the program files folder, registry keys and the folder in Roaming , the rebooting.
in server or desktop mode works well.

Any suggestion please?

Adding the log created

04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:init:GRAVE: Checking for Existing Preferences:C:\Users\ThisisMe\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:setLocale:SEVERE: Locale is:en
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:setExeFolder:WARNING: User Dir:C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:setExeFolder:WARNING: Java Dir:C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\runtime
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:init:WARNING: end
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:finish:WARNING: finish
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:cmdlineOrRemoteModeStart:WARNING: start
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:cmdCheckDatabase:WARNING: start
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:cmdCheckDatabase:WARNING: deletingDbLock
04/08/2023 12.27.47:CEST:SongKong:cmdCheckDatabase:WARNING: end
04/08/2023 12.27.48:CEST:SongKongDatabase:checkDatabaseCmdLine:WARNING: Setting Db Folder:C:\Users\ThisisMe\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database
04/08/2023 12.27.48:CEST:HibernateUtil:createFactory:SEVERE: ----Initilizing Hibernate Session factory
04/08/2023 12.27.50:CEST:INFO: Initializing c3p0- [built 20-March-2013 10:47:27 +0000; debug? true; trace: 10]
04/08/2023 12.27.50:CEST:INFO: Initializing c3p0 pool… com.mchange.v2.c3p0.PoolBackedDataSource@d5cc95d7 [ connectionPoolDataSource -> com.mchange.v2.c3p0.WrapperConnectionPoolDataSource@ce2dcec8 [ acquireIncrement -> 3, acquireRetryAttempts -> 10, acquireRetryDelay -> 1000, autoCommitOnClose -> false, automaticTestTable -> null, breakAfterAcquireFailure -> false, checkoutTimeout -> 0, connectionCustomizerClassName -> null, connectionTesterClassName -> com.mchange.v2.c3p0.impl.DefaultConnectionTester, debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces -> true, factoryClassLocation -> null, forceIgnoreUnresolvedTransactions -> false, identityToken -> 1hge14aax1haq4h26k9z7q|388526fb, idleConnectionTestPeriod -> 3000, initialPoolSize -> 1, maxAdministrativeTaskTime -> 0, maxConnectionAge -> 0, maxIdleTime -> 3600, maxIdleTimeExcessConnections -> 0, maxPoolSize -> 200, maxStatements -> 3000, maxStatementsPerConnection -> 50, minPoolSize -> 1, nestedDataSource -> com.mchange.v2.c3p0.DriverManagerDataSource@9e811b8 [ description -> null, driverClass -> null, factoryClassLocation -> null, identityToken -> 1hge14aax1haq4h26k9z7q|2931522b, jdbcUrl -> jdbc:h2:async:C:\Users\ThisisMe\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database/Database;FILE_LOCK=SOCKET;MVCC=TRUE;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;CACHE_SIZE=50000;, properties -> {password=, user=} ], preferredTestQuery -> null, propertyCycle -> 0, statementCacheNumDeferredCloseThreads -> 0, testConnectionOnCheckin -> false, testConnectionOnCheckout -> false, unreturnedConnectionTimeout -> 3300, usesTraditionalReflectiveProxies -> false; userOverrides: {} ], dataSourceName -> null, factoryClassLocation -> null, identityToken -> 1hge14aax1haq4h26k9z7q|62727399, numHelperThreads -> 3 ]
04/08/2023 12.27.53:CEST:SongKongDatabase:checkDatabaseCmdLine:SEVERE: Accessed Database okay
04/08/2023 12.27.53:CEST:SongKong:checkCache:WARNING: Checking Cache:C:\Users\ThisisMe\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database\EhCache
04/08/2023 12.27.53:CEST:SongKong:checkCache:WARNING: Deleting Cache Lock:true
04/08/2023 12.27.55:CEST:SongKong:checkCache:WARNING: Checked Cache:C:\Users\ThisisMe\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database\EhCache
04/08/2023 12.27.55:CEST:SongKong:setUserAgent:WARNING: start
04/08/2023 12.27.56:CEST:AbstractAcoustidQuery:performBasicSubmissionQuery:SEVERE: Posting to url:’o2UolTiR
04/08/2023 12.27.56:CEST:AbstractAcoustidQuery:analyseErrors:WARNING: AcoustidError<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
6invalid user API key (“User with the API key does not exist”)error

04/08/2023 12.27.56:CEST:AbstractAcoustidQuery:doPerformQuery:SEVERE: Acoustid Exception looking up from AcoustId:<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
6invalid user API key (“User with the API key does not exist”)error

com.jthink.acoustid.exception.AcoustidException: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
6invalid user API key (“User with the API key does not exist”)error

at com.jthink.acoustid.query.AbstractAcoustidQuery.doPerformQuery(
at com.jthink.acoustid.query.AbstractAcoustidQuery.performQuery(
at com.jthink.acoustid.query.AcoustIdQuery.lookupUser(
at com.jthink.songkong.analyse.acoustid.AcoustId.isValidAcoustidUser(
at com.jthink.songkong.cmdline.SongKong.setUserAgent(
at com.jthink.songkong.cmdline.SongKong.cmdlineOrRemoteModeStart(
at com.jthink.songkong.cmdline.SongKong.finish(
at com.jthink.songkong.cmdline.SongKong.main(

04/08/2023 12.27.56:CEST:AcoustId:isValidAcoustidUser:SEVERE: Problem connecting to AcoustId, assume current User okay
04/08/2023 12.27.56:CEST:SongKong:setUserAgent:WARNING: end

Are you using very latest release, if not please update

If our sounds like bug related to SongKong 9.0 changes, I am away for weekend so will have to check on Monday

9.3 :slight_smile: - started there the issue

I have implemented a fix for you to try, do following:

  • Unininstall SongKong (will not lose settings, need to uninstall to reinstall new version with same build no)
  • Download SongKong from website
  • Install newly downloaded version
  • Start in usual desktop mode and go to Help:About menu Build Date should now say 03/Aug/2023

  • Retry running Monitor from command line to see if now works

Should be resolved as part of the SongKong 9.4 Raise release.

Hi same error.
4 August build.

cannot find 9.4; always downloading 9.3.

Sorry should have properly checked this, I have fixed and retested download link, if you retry you should now get SongKong 9.4 Raise

9.4, dated 5/8, samer error.

Okay icouldnt replicate error and believed it to be already fixed, could you start in normal mode and run Create Support Files

done! sent has requested!

Hi, okay found issue and fixed, and uploaded new version of SongKong 9.4 with fix:

  • Uninstall SongKong (need to do this on Windows in order to reinstall replacement for same version)
  • Download and Install new version of SongKong
  • Check have new version installed by going to About menu, build date should say now 10/Aug/2023
  • Test cmdline now works

Better, but gets stucks if i rerun the command line
Unable to lauch JVM
if u close it, same code 1 error.

Is there an update on this ? I can’t get songkong to run when I use the cli.

The first time you run the command line is working, then if you run it again gets stuck. (Looks like is not closing the previous session or JVM, or…I don’t know)
Same errors.
If I launch the debug mode:

Hi, running twice works okay for me:

Your screenshot only shows second run, and if exited properly in first run cannot see how it would prevent 2nd run. Perhaps you could retry and repost showing both runs ?

I think this is different problem to what you are seeing, I think your issue is specific to Docker

thanks for following up. I needed to change the batch so looks for existing songkong processes and if any kills them. In this way works perfectly. Lokks like on my side is not closing all the sessions after running the command. I’m ok - feel free to disengage and thanks!

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