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SongKong 8.7 Pod released 22nd November 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.7 Pod


Further Improvements to Delete Duplicates

In the last release we added the Earliest Folder Creation Date preferred deletion criteria. However it turns out that linux filesystems dont actually store file creation date only the last modified date and when SongKong made a request to get created date it was actually being given last modified date. So when using Earliest Folder Creation Date it was actually returning Earliest Folder Last Modified Date instead. And because we reget this date each time we deleted a song from the folder the folder last modified date was changing during the Delete Duplicates run, making its value inconsistent and essentially useless.

So for Linux we have removed the Earliest Folder Creation Date, Earliest File Creation Date, Latest Folder Creation Date and Latest Folder Creation Date criterias because they dont exist for linux systems, they work fine on Windows and MacOS

Then we have fixed the Earliest Folder Modified Date, Earliest File Modified Date, Latest Folder Modified Date and Latest Folder Modified Date so that this value will not change during the Delete Duplicates run. So although Earliest Folder Modified Date is not guaranteed to be the first folder created for a particular album, it is guaranteed to not change during a run of Delete Duplicates so files from one folder can be more easily grouped together.

Then we have added a new criteria called Most Songs in same Folder. Assume your songs are organized album = folder but you have a number of incomplete versions of an album in different folders. Putting this criteria near the top of your preferred criteria will ensure the most complete folder with the most songs is kept in preference to more incomplete folders.


SONGKONG-2366 For Delete Duplicates add Mosts Songs in Same Folder Preferred Deletion Criteria


SONGKONG-2364 Regression:Issue with Remote UI with Preferred Deletion Criteria if updating from earlier version

SONGKONG-2365 Linux doesnt support File Creation Time that we use as basis of some preferred deletion criteria in Delete Duplicates

What does “Pod” mean in the “SongKong 8.7 Pod” name ? Why hasn’t it appeared before ?

It’s named after an album I like (with a one word name) like all releases

Oh, I see. Ok, thanks !

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