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SongKong 8.3 not starting on MacoS El Capitan

Darn, it seems I’m doomed, I downloaded the MacOS (Intel) app, and it crashes on launch!

Oh dear, not having much luck are you

Are you sure have right version - there is an Intel and a M1 download for MacOS.
Did you actually install in Applications or just try to run direct from dmg ?
Does it fail consistently if you try again ?

Yes, to all… multiple tries, downloaded 3 separate times (twice with Firefox, once with Chrome), always installed in Applications. Should I send you the Apple crash report? (MacOS 10.11.6 “El Capitan” on a Macbook Pro retina mid 2012, 8GB ram)

Okay El Capitan is rather old, it was released in 2015. As luck would have it I also have a Mac that run El Capitan, this is a Macbook Pro from 2009 that I cannot upgrade beyond El Capitan.

I have just tried and it fails for me also, I think the issue is we have now moved to Java 17 in SongKong 8.2 and this doesn’t seem to be compatible with El Capitan.

The good news is that I just tried SongKong 8.1 and that still works, and can be downloaded from here so please give that a go, this is a recent release so you dont miss out much and you can transfer your license if you get a newer mac in the future.

Awesome, thanks Paul. Version 8.1 is working great!! Now I can get on with it, looking forward to fixing all my metadata…

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