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SongKong 10.8 Parade released 10th July 2024

We have a new release of SongKong with new Fix Charset Encoding task

Fix Charset Encoding

When metadata is saved to our music files can be encoded according to a charset, historically different charsets have been designed for encoding particular languages, for example the ISO-8859-1 charset can encode English and some Western European Languages but is no use for different scripts such as used in Japanese, Russian (e.g Cyrillic) and Chinese.

These days we usually use UTF-8 because this can store any character but in the past UTF-8 was not so well supported. So certain metadata formats did not have a good way to support non English characters.

For example the Wav format originally only supported the Info chunk for storing metadata, and this expects all metadata to be stored using the ISO-8859-1 charset only but this is no help for other scripts

This new task allows the metadata to be read using a specified encoding and then written back correctly


Rename Masks

Until now there was only one example song shown when editing rename masks. This has now been increased to three songs

and the song data is now editable

Rename Mask Multiple Values

Some fields (e.g Artists, Composer) can often contain multiple values. In previous releases using the fieldname in the mask would return all values space separated

Johnny Cash June Carter

but we have changed to a better default - semi-colon then space separated.

Johnny Cash; June Carter

Also, there was no way to retrieve only a specific value, this has now been fixed with a new syntax, by adding _indexn to the fieldname where n is the nth value starting from zero


  • artists gives Johnny Cash; June Carter
  • artists_index0 gives Johnny Cash
  • artists_index1 gives June Carter

Configuration File Editing within Preferences

SongKong has some configuration files that are used by SongKong for the Classical algorithm , these are normal text files that could be edited outside of SongKong but can now be edited within SongKong as well


Editing of Genre List has also been moved out of Fix Songs and into Preferences, because there is only one genre list that is shared by all profiles so It was a bit misleading to edit it within a particular profile.

Full List of Improvements


SONGKONG-1022 Support rename from metadatamask to be able to get specific index value of multiple values

SONGKONG-1272 Show multiple examples when do edit rename mask (inc classical)

SONGKONG-1405 Not Classical list should be keyed by ReleaseGroupId not ReleaseId

SONGKONG-1681 Add column for editable example value for each var for rename masks

SONGKONG-2126 In Rename Files Rename tab display an example of Rename Mask being used

SONGKONG-2353 Add a new task that can read existing ID3 metadata marked as ansii but encoded as chinese etc as chinese

SONGKONG-2604 Fields with multiple values should be returned semicolon space seperated not space seperated

SONGKONG-2605 Add bandcamp Artist url, bandcamp Release Url and Credits to Other tab of Manual Edit

SONGKONG-2606 RemoteUI:Improve selection of mask when editing filename mask

SONGKONG-2608 Make Classical config list files available from within SongKong

SONGKONG-2609 Make main log files visible from within SongKong

SONGKONG-2611 Split Classical tab into two tabs because longer than all other tabs especially if enable Help

SONGKONG-2612 Move Genres Grey List to General Preferences and make it dialog/popup


SONGKONG-2601 Internationalize the cmd line -h output in CmdLineOptions

SONGKONG-2603 RemoteUI:For Watch Songs Not saving changes to Matched Folder or Unmatched Folder

SONGKONG-2607 BandCamp Search not working correctly for certain character, Url Encoding Issue

SONGKONG-2610 DesktopUI:Add Missing field Help for the Preferences Dialog

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When i get the notice from the program that this update is available i get into a continual loop saying that unable to verify license due to a firewall preventing access.
When i click ok i get to the screen to input my license details which are already there and it simply does not accept it giving the same fault.

When i try to access the main website it times out.

Is there anything wrong with the site and update etc or could it be a problem on my PC?

The main website is working okay fine here so if still having issue the problem must be with your computer, maybe it is virus scanner related we have had a few false positives recently, what Virus Scanner do you use ?

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Hi, i use Norton, thanks, i disabled the firewall and that made no difference

Dont know, please run Create Support Files

I can’t keep the programme open to run the create support files, when i cannot confirm the license the programme closes.
Running the debug programme i get the same error.
I’ll try disabling malwarebytes too

Confirmed it’s in Malwarebytes, will mess with the settings, thanks for all the replies

Thats weird because I have Malware Bytes installed (on a PC) and not had that issue, but I only have the free version. If you could post a screenshot on any more details of what MalwareBytes reports that would be helpful.

Sorry, early adopters of SongKong 10.8 on Melco platform there was a build issue that will prevent Fix Songs working correctly. I have released 10.8.1 for Melco only to resolve this issue, just use the OLED to update if having issue.

So, contacted Malwarebytes directly and they have issued a fix, apparently it was the IP Address causing the problem, but, they have fixed it now

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Well done, thankyou.

How long should it take for the updated 10.8 docker image to be available via Synology?

Is this for Intel or Arm ?
Intel should be there, we have a problem with Arm build at moment.

It’s a DS720+ which has Celeron processors, so Intel. No update showing as available in the Synology container manager app, and when I look at the dockerhub page ( it looks like the last push with the “latest” tag was a month ago.

Ah you are right the build failed, I had introduced a typo, ok now fixed.

That did the trick. Thanks!

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Docker Arm version is now available