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SongKong 10.6 Ultraviolence released 15th May 2024

We have a new release of SongKong that can now access the live MusicBrainz database when required.


MusicBrainz Live Database Access

Usually SongKong retrieves releases from Albunack, this is our copy of MusicBrainz and Discogs that is optimized for performance and enhanced metadata. But if the release has only recently been added to MusicBrainz it may not be in Albunack yet, now with this new release in such cases if SongKong fails to retrieve from Albunack it will then attempt to retrieve automatically from MusicBrainz.

For example if Acoustic Fingerprint search refers to a release not in the Albunack database we will automatically retrieve it from MusicBrainz.

There are some limitations when retrieve directly from MusicBrainz

Some data is not currently available:

  • recording start
  • recording end date
  • recording location
  • work type
  • wikipedia url
  • offical url

Also some algorithms work better with Albunack versions

  • original release and date
  • is classical identification
  • linking to discogs
  • artwork

Also we have added a new Force retrieval direct from MusicBrainz option to the Match to One Album task so that we can force SongKong to retrieve the version in the live MusicBrainz database even when version exists in Albunack. This is most useful when we have made edits to an release on MusicBrainz website and we would like to pick up those changes. The restrictions above apply but can usually be circumvented by getting the release twice (once from Albunack and once from MusicBrainz).

Wav Files

Also resolved an issue preventing of saving changes to WAV files if existing file has a LIST INFO chunk with invalid existing fieldnames. If you use the Wav format you should update to this release.

All Fixes


SONGKONG-1676 Do match to Live MusicBrainz database if no match in Albunack

SONGKONG-2594 License options slightly confusing if have just Lite License

SONGKONG-2598 Unable to modify WAV files if existing file has a LIST INFO chunk with invalid existing fieldnames


SONGKONG-2595 Country field are missing from the Manual Edit tab

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What’s the correct way to update the software on a QNAP?

Just reinstall as if installing first time


Bitdefender is blocking SongKong:

HI, okay i have submitted it as a false positive to BitDefender -

Thanks I’ve created an exception for now so all good.

Hi, could you try removing exception and see if now ok ?