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Edit Country & RELEASECOUNTRY tag

Can I modify other tags too, like Country and/or RELEASECOUNTRY?
Some are not set correct.

Many Thanks

Yes you can modify just about any tags. But do you mean let SongKong automatically fix them, or that you think SongKong has set them incorrectly and you want to manually modify them.

Yes I think SongKong has set some to Worldwide instead of the correct one : Belgium.
So I want to manual edit the Country TAG, but cannot find how.

I supose next time I run SongKong, they will be set back to Worldwide?

So you are right the Country field seems to be missing from Manual Edit tabs, so I will raise an issue for that, but in the meantime you could use another tag editor to fix that.

To prevent the Fix Songs task from modifying a particular field if it has a value you can add it to the Only modify these fields if empty option.


Added Country to Manual Edit in new release

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