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SongKong 10.0 Nowhere released 13th of November 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 10.0 Nowhere on the 13th of November 2023


This is a major release with a new task called Match to One Album

Match to One Album

The original idea of SongKong was to allow fix of whole music collection with one click. But over the years we realized that many customers like to work one album at a time and with the existing solution you cannot check the match before it is saved to your files. It would not be feasible to check results when matching whole collection but it is feasible when doing one album at a time, and although there is Undo option and Preview option we can do better if only matching one album.

New task works as follows:

  • Select a folder representing an album to match
  • Start task, select profile and check options
  • SongKong now finds some potential matches for all songs sorted with score out of 100, and lists them in order
  • You can check details and mappings for any potential match
  • Select preferred match and SongKong will apply the modification and now shows your songs with the metadata modified as per selected release and options
  • Like the Edit Song Metadata task, you can edit the data before save or cancel if you decide you do not want to proceed with the changes

More details on this task here

Add Sounds the Same to Delete Duplicates by Metadata Only
So now you can run delete duplicates using basic metadata with the added confidence that the duplicates songs actually sound the same (same Acoustid fingerprint or Acoustid). So you can now more safely find duplicates even for songs that are not matched to if has sameMusicBrainz or Discogs. For the Song is a duplicate option the Same song and same album (metadata only) and sounds the same is now the default option because it is safer than the metadata only and can be run without running Fix Songs first.

Add Rename back to Monitor Watch Folder
Full renaming has now been added back to Monitor Watch Folder

All Improvements and Fixes


SONGKONG-1308 Single Album matching with confirmation and tag editing stage

SONGKONG-1488 Desktop UI, Artwork tab should put new artwork beside existing and artwork should wrap

SONGKONG-2498 Allow user to pass profile file to commandline when running task that uses a profile

SONGKONG-2499 Add Rename back to Monitor Watch Folder

SONGKONG-2512 Add Sounds the Same to Delete Duplicates by Metadata Only

SONGKONG-2515 Reorganize Edit Songs Metadata tabs

SONGKONG-2518 Show progress of Report Creation when using cli


SONGKONG-2513 Issue with running Edit Songs Metadata