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Song metadata in different codepage

Hello, first time poster, long time user. I have several albums that show the song names in a different codepage. is there a way to translate/import those names in “normal” ASCII?

No, there is an issue logged for that but it hasn’t been implemented.

Hello Paul, I’m a new Songkong user and I experiecend the same problem with the codepages. Isn’t this solved yet ? Just in a nutshell:
Songkong is V8.7 with Language ‘German’. I select ‘Aktion’ -> ‘Bearbeiten Sie Songs Metadaten’ . Songkong is changing a lot of metadata, however with this process seems to alter the windows codepage ( to UTF-8 ??) and the formerly correctly displayed ä/ö/ü/other special characters are now unreadable. Now, this causes a huge problem with my library software because these albums will not be recognized anymore !!! :slight_smile: . Appreciate your help.

What format are the audio files?

…audio files are wav format. they are downloads from Qobuz. Tag information are a mix of id3 and ‘list’-chunk (wavelist). If it’s important I can send a screenshot copy.

Okay so ID3 only supports UTF-16, UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 there is no support for other charsets. Sometimes other charsets are used instead of ascii so I intend to add a function to read such charsets and convert then to UTF-8 but I would not write data using these charsets because not supported, does that make sense?

Is the problem actually that your library software doesn’t understand UTF-8 format?

library software is Lightning DS. I don’t have any problems at all displaying country-specific characters at all , be it when using Lightning on the ipad nor when displaying file or metadata information on windows (10).

You need to send me an example file and post a few screenshots because I cannot fully understand your question/problem.

This problem is discussed fully in Problems with Qobuz metadata for downloaded wav files

Okay so had a a look and this is uPnP Control Point server provided by Auralic, therefore I assumes it doesn’t directly read from the files just controls music served by Auraliic Lightning Server. Therefore if SongKong is showing the files as okay but Lightning is not I assume this is a combination of SongKong using the wrong encoding when writing to LIST tag and Lightning Server only being able to read LIST tag and not the ID3 tag.

So the SongKong issue will be fixed next in release, but its not great for you if Lightning server can only read LIST because that means it can only read a very limited set of fields, can you use an alternative to it?

problem fixed with newest release 8.9. THANK YOU

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