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Song Kong creates tmp files

I have a relatively large music collection to organize and it doesn’t seem feasible without some automation by an application like Song Kong. So I got SongKong Pro. While the matching seems to work quite well most of the times I am unfortunately usually running into issues sometimes which makes it hard to be productive. Ideally I would like to match and organize multiple artists or at least just one artist per iteration. If I have to do it on an album per album base it will take too much time.

I am trying to organize some music by one artist and sometimes SongKong creates files like _.tmp If I manually rename the filetype from tmp to the files become playable again. But the metadata in these cases seems to be wrong. I searched in my iTunes directory for that particular artist and there are no tmp files before so they are created by SongKong.

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I would be interested in knowing what issues you are having as they are likely to be solvable by modifying the configuration. Regarding tmp file creation, this is audio format specific, for most formats we just modify the existing audio file for mp4 (and sometimes mp3), we create a new file then once created we delete original file and rename. This is a temporary situation it is planned that we won’t need to create new files for mp4 in future.

But tmp files should not remain, could you please run Create Support Files from the Help menu so we can look into this.

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Hi Paul, I’ve hit this over the week-end after I forgot to configure the rename mask prior fixing files. I then asked SongKong to undo the change… and I ended up with some tmp files.

Looks like worker process can bail out early while the file is still named .tmp or something.

I’ll create support files.

What audio formats has this occurred for ?

Collection contains mostly mpeg-4 audio and it seems there were all m4a, too.

Turns out that most were duplicates. Only one didn’t match a file with an existing twin?

Could you run Status Report again I’m not quite clear what files are currently there

The .tmp files that are listed seem to mostly correspond with the files that could not be renamed when you ran FixSongsReport0006 because either that would give them duplicate name of an existing file, or because a permissions issue prevents the existing file being deleted to be replaced with the tmp file (that does just needs to be renamed).

The solution to this problem will be for SongKong not to create temporary files, it only does this for a few formats, and that includes .m4a, really I need to fix - I have made it higher priority.

I have now fixed this issue so mp4s will no longer need to create tmp files, this will be in the next release of SongKong but a release date has not been decided yet.

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