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Something is getting confused when combining discs into a single release

Good evening,
I was pleasantly surprised to find my login ID from 2007 still works here :slight_smile:

I am currently working through all my collection, retagging and updating, this is throwing up a number of issues where I have mistagged in the past and also where convention and de-facto behaviour has changed as MusicBrainz, Jaikoz and the world of metadata has evolved.

The most peculiar of these is when combining two folders into a single release.
A simple example would be “Pornography” Deluxe Edition 2xCD set by The Cure. This was originally tagged and stored as two separate CDs, in two separate folders, “Pornography” and “the Pornography (bonus disc: rarities 1981-1982)”. Current convention is that these are combined as a single release; it is in doing this that things get wonky.

I think the “problem” lies in the acoustid handling, or at least that is where it seems to present.
There are similarities with Missing something? Retrieve id followed by match to release

When I select all the tracks and match to a single MusicBrainz release it fails with “no match for track N”, or a more general error relating to the overall group not matching the release - (BTW, it would be really helpful to have “no match for track N ‘Name of the track’”)

Initially, I thought we might have an issue with the metadata given that both sets think that they are disk one and we are now combining them into a 2 disk set. However, deleting all the metadata (except acoustid) does not fix anything. If we look up a single track, we find that it gives a weird error about the acoustid not matching another track on the album (that appears otherwise unrelated - often on the second CD but not always)

The workaround appears to be to wipe the acoustid then do the match which will be handled flawlessly, then restore the acoustids again.

Here is a single video sequence showing the issue, in this case The Orb 2 CD set (which as it happens also has a previously mistagged entry, this does not appear pertinent as it is unique to this example).
I have some other clips taken as I cleaned up The Cure but this one is the most concise as I’ve narrowed down the solution to just the acoustid.

Thanks for the video, it looks like an exception is occuring for one track which prevents the matching of the songs to the designated album, could you send your support files so I can see if the exception has been logged in the logs.

Sending now, given I’ve been reprocessing a whole heap of stuff, I recreated the problem just before generating so it ought to be in the most recent log.
The scenario was The Cure - Pornography, mapping from two disks Pornography (8 tracks) and Rarities 81-82 (14 tracks) into a single Pornography (Deluxe Edition). The alleged failure was “track 13” but based on seeing this with every dual CD set I have tried to combine I think that that number is misleading (or I can’t count) as resetting just that one track (or even one either side to account for off by one errors) it seems to just flag another one.

I’ll poaste this text into the email too.

Unfortunately I cannot work out the issue from the logs, but if still not matching and you want to send me the music files themselves I can try it myself and should be able to work out the issue.