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Missing something? Retrieve id followed by match to release

I am long time user of Jaikoz and have bumped into a use case that is confusing me.

I load a bunch of jumbled tracks into Jaikoz. The tracks come from multiple releases and have no tags at all. I try auto-correct and nothing much happens.

However if I retrieve acoustic ids and then select each individual track and assign it to one musicbrainz release it does does the right thing.

I then try “Auto-correct Metadata from Musicbrainz” and it does nothing. I have tried pretty much every other option.

Given the number of tracks involved this is pretty laborious. I figure there must be some automated way of doing what I am doing by hand. It seems that Jaikoz would do this by itself. Am I missing an option or a trick?


Give 3.8.2 a go you may be hitting this problem

‘Using Autocorrect from Musicbrainz when puid match used in a release match and then come to song by song matching it doesn’t bother checking the puid again, even though it would actually be valid if just doing song match’

which is fixed in 3.8.2