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Settings not saving or persisting

I have been having some real issues with setting since upgrading to 11.0. Firstly, I cannot get the settings to stick for iTunes Autoupdate. I check the boxes to turn it on, click save, open settings again, the boxes are unchecked again. Similarly, when I first open Jaikoz after a fresh install, I open settings and in the Local Correct for Artwork, the section to resize artwork if larger than: is set at 1000. However as soon as I click to save preferences and reopen setting, that section has changed mysteriously to 200. Lastly, after newly installing, I set my columns how I want them, specifically the sizes, but when Jaikoz is shut down and opened again, none of the columns or sizes are saved and I have to reset them all over again.

I am at a loss here. I have uninstalled and deleted the Jaikoz folder from my user folder and reinstalled repeatedly and get the same results. Please help.

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Hi, thanks sorry the preferences was a major major task so a few errors have crept, in raised and should have fixed within a few days

Resize artwork if larger than is being set to value of Ignore artwork smaller than
Ignore artwork smaller than is not being set at all. If this a major headache for you, you can fix my manually modiying maxImageSize in file

I have replicated the iTunes and columns issues as well but dont have a workaround for you.

Found the iTunes problem, on save checking Save:iTunes:Automatically update iTunes Library was actually saving to a defunct iTunes option that we don’t use. To manually fix this set updateItunes=true in

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Thanks @paultaylor. As always, your work and your responsiveness is always appreciated.

As a workaround this seems to work okay if you do it via Preferences:Table:Columns

but it doesnt work if you directly manipulate the columns in the main edit window.

@paultaylor Hey. I found another setting that is not saving. The Move Associated Files does not persist when checked.

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Thanks, replicated and now fixed.

All fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.1 Released May 24th 2021

Thank you @paultaylor

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