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“filename mask” on the “file and folder correct” is not being stored

An other one: in 11.0.1 the “filename mask” on the “file and folder correct” is not being stored

The Filename masks list is just a a list of all filename mask in alphabetical order that you can use to edit/add masks, there is no stored value for this list.

The mask you are actually using when you run the rename actions are the Rename mask and Compilation Rename mask at the top of this tab, changes to the selected value in these lists will be stored.

Ahh Paul, I see… Thanks for the quick response. My confusion was caused by the AlbumArtistorArtist\TrackArtist - Title preset/mask.
I guess it should have been named AlbumArtistorArtist\Track Artist - Title then or something along those lines. Now I assumed it was the well, trackartist as opposed to albumartist :wink: Sorry to bother you!

Hmm, I dont get your point ?

Probably just me but when I look at the screenshot I would expect a result something along the lines of U2/“Whateverartist for the actual track” - songtitle What I ended up with was U2/tracknumber artists - songtitle. Not what I was expecting. But again, just my bad I guess… For me TrackArtist is not the same as TrackNo[space]Artist

Oh I see, you are quite right -