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Replacing Album Artwork

For reference I am using SongKong on my iMac to edit my music database stored on my Melco N1 EX which I stream with a dCS Bartok controlled with Mosaic on my iphone or ipad.

This is mostly going well but I am struggling with album artwork updates when editing manually. I download missing artwork (usually from Amazon) and save it as a ‘folder.jpg’ file. I then click on ‘Replace Artwork’, drop the file on the dropzone (and it usually appears fine). I then click ‘Save’ and wait for it to do it’s thing. I then reopen the folder and about 50% of the time no sign of the new artwork.

So a few questions - hopefully someone can help and maybe Paul could step in?

  1. Am I missing something? I’ve tried clicking ‘Replace Artwork’ after dropping the file on the Dropzone but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  2. Are there restrictions on the file name for the artwork - does it always have to be folder.jpg
  3. Are there restrictions on the file size? I’ve tried reducing it…sometimes it works sometimes not
  4. If there is no artwork there already do I still have to click on ‘Replace Artwork’ because clearly I’m not replacing anything
  5. Often no artwork shows in SongKong and yet when I look on the dCS Mosaic app which I use to play music through my Bartok, the artwork shows - why is that if it’s not visible when I’m editing?

Thanks everyone


Hi Nick

There are no limits to image filename or file size.

But the order is as follows, first you can upload new or replacement artwork either by using the Browse button or by dragging and dropping to the Dropzone. Only then use the Replace Artwork button to replace or add the new artwork you have uploaded to every music file selected, then select Save to actually save to each file.

And the images are only added to the music file itself, they are not added as a folder.jpg to the music folder so that may be confusing you.

Thanks for your reply Paul - I have however tried the order effect of drop then click replace and vice versa and have had success and fails with both. I have also found reducing the size of the file DOES make a difference - what was rejected is suddenly accepted.
Could it be a Chrome issue? Should I try Safari instead?

There are too many variables here, I would suggest you just try to add one piece of artwork, and if it doesnt work clarify where the failure occurs

  • Did it get updated to the Dropzone?
  • Did it show as modified in the SongKong Edit Songs Report?
  • Is it visible if you look at the files directly on your computer?
  • Is it visible in control point?

Maybe the artwork problem is an issue within your control point, or within MinimServer.

One other thing, if you modify things in SongKong and you are using MinimServer then you need to remember to update the index.

In answer to your suggestions - I have experimented and tried four times in Chrome on the iMac:

  • Yes it did get uploaded to Dropzone
  • I did select all the songs of the album
  • I clicked ‘Replace Artwork’ after I’d dropped it and it was showing
  • I then clicked ‘Save’
  • Reviewed the Report which shows 100% completed for ‘Loaded’ and ‘Completed’ but nothing for ‘Saved’ and ‘Renamed’
  • Clicked ‘Cancel’ as you suggested to get back to the home page
  • Clicked on the manual edit button at the top and low and behold no artwork showing
  • Rescanned the database on the Melco
  • Still no artwork showing on the Mosaic app or in SongKong
  • The original art file (saved as folder.jpg) was 1500x1500. So saved it to minimum size by exporting it and repeated. Same result…no new artwork saved
  • Repeated this in Safari - worked first time! BUT you should be aware that having dropped the new artwork and clicking on ‘Replace Artwork’ that button does not highlight as it does in Chrome so it is unclear if you have clicked successfully
    However I tried it again in Safari with the 1500x1500 file and that did not work, so file size does seem to be relevant

Clearly there is a Chrome specific issue (doesn’t work) and in Safari (‘Replace artwork’ button doesn’t highlight) and it would be helpful if they could be fixed at some point

Final question…does the artwork file have to be saved as ‘folder.jpg’?



So that indicates nothing was saved, note you can also double check by using the Browse By menu to look at the fields in each file.

Okay my default browser is Firefox, so I have reaised issue and will do some testing against Chrome and Safari, thanks.

Where do you mean, you dont have to upload as folder.jpg file for SongKong to add it to your files. But if you have a separate file in your album folder, and you want MinimServer to recognise this and serve it to your control app then it does need particular name, and folder.jpg is one of those valid names, see for more details.

I have discovered that in Chrome it can be ‘forced’ to work if you click more than once on the ‘Replace Artwork’ button and ensure that not only is it highlighted but also the icon under ‘Artwork’ in the table showing the album details below changes to indicate the new artwork. This doesn’t always happen in Chrome with one click

Thanks on folder.jpg - I was asking about say a folder on my desktop I want to drop in to the Dropzone but good to know about the MinimServer quirk. Thanks

Done some testing. there is a bug with the Replace Artwork function, that when selected it doesn’t update the mini image in the selected rows in the Artwork table with the new image, a subsequent Save will save the changes, but because UI is not working correctly it is confusing.

Once fixed I tested on MacOS and saw no difference between Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.

This has been fixed for next release.

This is now fixed in SongKong 9.0 Drukqs released 11th of May 2023