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QNAP App not working

I am a pro license user on my QNAP and have been trying to use SongKong for 3-4 months now.

When I initiate a session I seem to regularly have the app hang my entire QNAP system by using all the resources (memory and CPU well over 90%). I also start to fix songs (I have around 5000 songs and it takes about 6 days to check 200 songs and then for 3-4 days it does nothing or there is no progress). After this, if I try to stop the session then it takes days of telling me it is cancelling but never completed this process…

Please advise as this is not working for me…

Could you run Create Support Files from the top menu, this will send me your log files which should give an idea of the issue.

what is his java heap size?

Heap size is 800mb, maybe could be increased but have looked at logs and just not much seems to be happening

I have looked at your logs, and it is behaving very strange, sitting there waiting for something.
Since it is behaving very wierdly and you are not on the latest version could you please start again

  • Stop container
  • Delete Image
  • Redownload image and reconfigure container

Hi, I have done what you asked (and removed all images and containers for SongKong). However on recreating now it does not even let me start a session. Basically it tells me it can’t read my license (even though the license information is correct. It also won’t let me select a folder.

I think it must have stored the settings somewhere as they all appear by default as to the settings I had before, but when I try to start a scan I get an error that there are no files in the folder (and there are, but the folder also does not expand to sub-folders … which makes me think the link is broken).

Please advise?


Hi, I think you have forgotten to configure the /music and /songkong virtual folders. /music maps to your actual music folder ,/songkong maps to your configuration folder which includes your settings and your license.

Since you are on Qnap please see

Hi Paul

Just to close the loop … yes reinstalling the app does seem to have fixed the problem now! Not sure what happened as I used the same installation guide when I first set it up …

That said, I now get a report at the end of the scan, but none of the file names or changes are implemented … so perhaps you can direct me to the part of the manual that tells me the settings to enable that actually do the repairs to the music library?


Rather than me secondguess could you please run Create Support Files and I can more easily help you with this.