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Problem accesing Musicbrainz server

Good morning
I am cleaning a very large library >200.000 songs and, after working 15h and checking close to 80K songs I am starting to get repeatedly a message telling me that it cannot access Musicbrainz server and that I should check my internet connection.

I have checked connection and I have close to 600MB working without any issues.
Any clue?
Since the library is so large I would like to prevent from stoping the work over and over again

Either your connection is iffy or there has been a temporary overload of the server, if you wait a bit that should resolve itself.

But it is worth noting that SongKong processes folder at a time, and saves files as it goes along so if you do have to restart it you wont lose the work already done and will not try to rematch already matched songs. On subsequent runs you can also get SongKong to skip over songs it tried to match but was unable to by enabling the Ignore songs previous checked that could not be matched option on the Basic tab (it is advanced option).

Thank you very much, good tips