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Not adding tags


I am trying the free trial to see if this does what I want before buying.

I have followed the YouTube video “Jaikoz Basics” and I am not getting any additional information.

I am using a file of 20 .wav files and then use Action - Auto Correct.

What am I doing wrong?


Are they 20 songs not from the same album, in which case try disabling Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow matching if all songs in one grouping match to one album

Alternatively maybe Jaikoz can not just match this album, try over a larger set of files. Although you can only save 20 files with the trial you can match against as many files as you like.


Thanks for the reply, I had found that reply after trawling through the forum and it worked.

Maybe it would be an idea to make that setting the default?

Bought the pro software and am impressed.

Speed increase over the trial is impressive.

thank you


Thanks for the reply, I had found that reply after trawling through the forum and it worked.

Maybe it would be an idea to make that setting the default?
So usually people have songs organized one album per folder, then they may have random folder of stuff but these usually have many more than 20 songs. So if Jaikoz can identify and act accordingly, but where there has folders with small numbers of songs its difficult for it to differentiate.

But it is a bad default since it allows songs already in albums folders to be broken up, so after dealing with random songs you should probably change it back.

My collection is “loose” tracks, you can always sort by albums, artist etc if you want.

I have split my collection into groups of 1000 tracks, but this seems to give problems. What numbers is this software supposed to support?

Some groups of 1000 will not process, so I have broken them down further, but some files of just 50 will not work - any ideas why?

thanks for your help

Is this with Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow matching if all songs in one grouping match to one album enabled or disabled. If all your folders are just random folders you want to keep it disabled.


Yes it is disabled.

And once I try using the autofix it will not let me cancel, I have to stop the program and re-start - it just seems to “hang”.

How many songs are loaded into Jaikoz ?

I have been using 500 tracks per file.

I did once have success with a 1000 tracks file.

You mean there are 500 files loaded into Jaikoz, or are there many more then that and you are just trying to process 500 files ?

I am just processing 500 fikes at a time, although it did allow me to process 1000 one time.

There are 30,000 files to process in total and I would like to load them all in one file to help delete duplicates and fill in missing genre, also to alter some of the genre descriptions to ones I want.

Can you please run Help:Create Support Files and then email the zip file that is created

File sent - thanks


Unfortunately you have run too many autocorrects since the problem 1000 song attempt so I cant see the details, but all the ones since (500 songs) seem to be working ?

Sadly no, the files I split into 2, one being called say “05” and the other “05a” the 05 will not process, but the 05a will. This is happening up to 09 and 09a so far.

Have you tried restarting Jaikoz, I not really sure since there are no errors.

What I think may be happening is that your songs have been provisionally matched to a 500 track album, then when checking all the combinations it is almost expotentially expensive and so getting stuck. There should be code to protect against this but maybe there is a scenario that isn’t being handled correctly.

The other thing is perhaps it is just busy generating acoustids for each track, and this can take a while if doing all 500 upfront.

Okay if you can reproduce it I think we need more detail logging

Within Jaikoz.ini edit the value of arg.1 from ```-l1

 to ```-l2

and then rerun it may show us where it is hanging.

If you have an easy way to split into batches of 200, or just load 500 songs but then select some of them (by selecting the row number column) and match selected only this will probably get round the problem.

Ok .ini was already set to arg=-12

It is hanging at step 9/11

Work flow:

Press the following buttons in order

FILE: Load file of 500 songs 6.42 secs

Run Autofix pass 1 to 8 too fast to see
pass 9 to 10 12 mins 37 secs
pass 10 to 11 3 min 20 secs
pass 11 too fast to see

Auto correct metadata from MusicBrainz server +8 42 secs

Auto correct metadata from Discogs server +9 17 secs

Update Metadata from Existing MusicBrainz id or Release id

Update Metadata from Existing Discogs Album id

Save Changes made to your songs

FILE: Close Files

Onto next file of songs

Now I originally split my songs into 1000 No files, using 01, 02, 03, 04, etc

I then split them into two parts, 01, 01a, 02, 02a, etc

The files called 01, 02, 03, etc will not process - getting stuck at pass 9/11

The files called 01a, 02a, 03a, etc do process

I know I have said most of this before, but I wanted to get it down on to “paper” to get it clear in my head and to help you - hopefully!

I must say I am impressed with this software and even more so with your help - I am definitely NOT moaning.

Having tried some other software before yours, I am very pleased.

Thank you

Okay so if it is hanging please cancel it and resend support files. If you cant cancel just kill Jaikoz off, restart and then resend support files.

Opened software and loaded file called 07 (of 500 songs)

Clicked on Auto fix, it shows pass 9 of 11 but nothing else unlike the files that worked showed which file was being processed and a total of No of files done, but I do notice the bottom right hand corner where some file size information is shown is increasing the first file size of xxx size.

Will leave it like this for about 20 mins as this is what the processed files took (well less).

Ok got delayed, it ran for 1 hour 53 mins. pressed cancel but it is not releasing, am going to press red cross - it has stopped.

File sent

Very sorry, I meant to say change to ```-l7

, can you please do that, then rerun and when stuck cancel and resend support files.