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No results when using Songkong

Hi there. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I’ve read so much positive stuff about Songkong that I have tried it again. I know the free version doesn’t save changes but it is supposed to show you a preview of what will change. I am trying the Mac version but everytime I point it at an album and run it a browser opens showing headings but there are never any changes/additions noted. Just basically a near blank webpage. This is what was happening last time I gave it a go a few months ago and I gave up. Does it only work on albums where all the tags are empty to start with? I am trying it out on albums I have bought and downloaded which have some pre existing tags. Thanks for any feedback on this. What other people are saying about Songkong makes me want it to work for me.

Hi, could you please run Create Support Files then I can see your reports and logs and I should be able to work out what is going on here

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that for you now. It just seemed to go automatically so I hope it was successful.

Hi, thanks received, do you realize you can apply over your whole music at once ?

With the newer version of SongKong report 3 was against one 57 song album that did not match, and report 4 & 5 were both against the same 7 song album that also did not match. Album Identification rate for Rock/Pop is usually about 90%, Classical is lower at about 80% but I think if you just leave it run over a more sizeable amount of files you will see good results.