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No AlbumArtist on Auralic Streamer

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Good afternnon, my source is a Naim backup in an \MQ folder and I am writing this to a folder that I reading on an Auralic streamer.

All the albums and artwork are there but every artist (at the album level) is ‘Unknown’ the songs within an album are correct.

Hi, thanks for support files.

I have checked your last FixSongs is adding Album Artist okay. I assume you are using MinimServer, have you updated MInimServer index ? - Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong

If so perhaps the issue could be with the streamer but Im not aware of such an issue, maybe one for the MinimServer forum

Paul, the data is on a QNAP and I have rebuilt in library on that. I read the drive with an Auralic streamer. Do I need to follow a specific order of processes? I ran Song Kong, re indexed QNAP, then rebuilt indexes on Auralic. Regards Trevor

What software are you using to stream the music from the Qnap to the Auralic streamer?

Paul, the QNAP has DLNA Media Server and Music Station 5. I connect to the drive on an iPad with the Auralic software. Everything looks okay within Music Station 5. Trevor

So Music Station 5 can see the new metadata, but have you refreshed/updated DNLA Music Server since this is what will be serving the Auralic Streamer.

I have re-built the media library indexing. If you suggest a sequence of events, I will go everything again.

The basic logic is as follows:

  • Run SongKong to update the metadata in your files
  • Update your DNLA/uPnP Music Server so it reads your music files
  • Update your control point to reconnect tomusi cserver and get the updated info.

I don’t know if you control your Auralic streamer from an app or just directly on the streamer hardware panel, but either way it sounds like it need to reconnect to the music server.

(Moved category since this isn’t a Songkong for Melco question after all)