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Need help with compilation albums

I’m having problems when running Songkong against compilation albums. If the compilation contains various artists songkong splits the album up into different folders depending on the artist name. I therefore end up with lots of partial albums instead of one.

E.G. I start with MUSIC\Various Artists\Best of 50s\ which contains all the tracks, but I end up with
MUSIC\Artist1\Best of 50s\Track by artist 1
MUSIC\Artist 2\Best of 50s\Track by artist2
MUSIC\Various Artists\Best of 50s\Tracks that are not included in above folders

I’ve checked beforehand that the “Album Artist” on all the tracks is set to “Various Artists”

What am I doing wrong?

Also Undo Fixes doesn’t work - it says its found 0 songs previously fixed by songkong. (I select “that were originally in the selected locations”)

Songkong 6.3 Pro

Thanks for your help

Ah, I forgot to check the obvious !

When you ran FixSongs98 you had Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album set to No , this should normally be set to Yes and this would prevent the album being split up. The album is not in the database so with this set to No after failing to match an album for the whole grouping it trys to match a subgroup, whereas if set to Yes it would not do this, only song only matching which doesn’t change the album field existing album artist fields

Please start again and ensure this option is set to Yes