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Naim Files Not Being Recognised by MinimServer


I am updating my Naim ripped .WAV files with Song Kong for Melco for transfer to a Silent Angel Rhein Z1 streamer/server running MinimServer version update 134 and ReadyMedia 1.2.1.

Most frustratingly, several files - and mostly Classical albums - fail to play in MinimServer (just won’t play although the MetaData and Album cover are there) BUT the very same file on the same data disk will play without issue on ReadyMedia :frowning:

If I just move the files to MinimServer without conversion, of course, I don’t have any useful metadata but the files play without problem.

All the settings on Song Kong are set to Default.

I don’t see a feature to upload and share on the forum the XLS metadata file from Song Kong but would like someone who is familiar with the material to have a look and identify and correct the errors that Song Kong appear to introduce into the metadata.

When converting the files, Song Kong reports no errors.

Frustrating when you have thousands of .WAV files and you need to move them to a non-Naim platform and when Song Kong is supposed to be MinimServer compliant.


Hi, I have looked at your spreadsheet and your metadata is being corrected without problems, I think the issue is simply that you havent reindexed MinimServer with the new data, please see Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong

Unfortunately currently MinimServer only allows a full reindex, you cannot selectively reindex one folder and therefore we cannot automatically reindex from SongKong because full index can take some time. It wouldn’t make sense to this every time you ran Fix Songs because you may be working album by album or on a small subset of your music and hence previous reindex may not have completed before asking MinimServer to reindex again.

I have previously reported this issue to MinimServer and they do plan to provide support for selective reindexing at some point.


Many thanks for the very quick response!

Indeed, as you say, the issue is that MinimServer is very, very slow in updating itself once you have added new files to the drive.

After a night of leaving the MinimServer alone (meaning not adding new files to the drive), it now recognises all the .WAV files that wouldn’t play a day earlier.

Thanks for a great piece of software and for the excellent support!

Stay safe…


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