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Multiple music locations, for Roon

Hi all,

I’m trying to merge my duplicate albums in Roon - and for me the definition of ‘duplicate’ is more open that Roon’s own - I would class the same content as the same, even if different mastering, for e.g.

So am wondering if SongKong will do this, and have a couple of q’s.

Firstly I have 2 (at least) locations for my music - can I get SongKong to look for duplicates across those multiple disk locations (one local, one (actually, two) on a NAS). And secondly, how do I set it up to tag things in such a way that I can then get Roon to show the albums as alternate versions of the same thing?

Not really wanting to delete the duplicate files, for complex and historical reasons…


Yes,. you can do that Can I select Multiple folders from different drives but you should run Fix Songs before Delete Duplicates - please see Tip for using Delete Duplicates

SongKong adds MusicBrainz Ids as part of matching and Roon recognizes MusicBrainz Ids so this should allow it to recognize as alternate versions (same MB Release Group Id but different MB Release Id)