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Move database to different disk on Windows 64

I’ve got songKong Pro 64bit and I would like to move the database (and if possible also logs and reports) from
c:\Users\[me]\AppData\Roaming\SongKong\Database\ (and …\Logs and …\Reports and and genrelist.txt) to another disk with better performance and more free space than my actual c:\-drive.
I found an article about doing that on Mac, but how can I do it on Windows/windows 64?

Yes with Mac use can use symbolic links but there isnt such an option for Windows. I think you can configure the c:\Users\[me]\AppData\Roaming part within Windows itself but that would affect app applications

I can be wrong but there is a mistake in your directory.

I was just looking to do the same thing as my Main C Drive where SongKong has put the database is not a big drive and the database is taking up a massive 27GB nearly. Is there a way I can get SongKong to add the database to the drive I installed SongKong which is a much bigger drive as of now.


I just written an article on how to do it - How to move SongKong database to a different locationin WIndows

Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back to me, just read that and that seems easy enough to do, though I have manged to do it myself in the end using a program called FolderMove and created the Symbolic link and seems to be working as it should be and I have now reclaimed the 27GB of hard drive space I needed back.