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Monitor Folder from Docker instance

Hello… I need some help.

I setup a SongKong Pro docker instance. I got it to properly tag/organize probably 75% of my library the way I like it. AWESOME.

So now I setup a new instance to monitor a folder using the overview I found here. The problem is, how do I configure all of the options after creating that instance? It doesn’t seem like there’s any web interface to configure it… What am I missing?

EDIT: I did change the container port from 4567 to 4568 as I have one instance I’m still playing with to Organize files (4567), and the new instance (4568) to monitor a folder. And each instance does have a unique Local Port on the Synology I run Docker on.


When you run SongKong in Web Remote or Desktop mode it will run using the preferences for whatever is selected as the Current Profile

and any changes you make to your settings will automatically update this profile.

When you run from the cmdline it will also use whatever is selected as the current profile. So if you want to make changes you need to run in Web/Desktop mode and configure the preferences for the current profile accordingly, start the task and then stop the task. Then run as cmd line, and it will use the modified current profile

This is slightly unituitive, the reason being that the cmdline interface existed before we added profiles and remote interface, now that we have the remote interface so that SongKong can be controlled via a web-browser from any device that cmd interface is not used that much.

But how can I do this for a Docker container? The command line is only available to be configured when the container is CREATED… So I can’t configure the container for Remote mode, set the options, then configure it for Monitor mode can I?

Maybe I’m confusing things more than they need to be… Here’s my setup on a Synology NAS:

I have /music mapped into SongKong.

Under /music, I have roughly 400 folders organized by Artist, then Album, then tracks…

I want to dedicate a folder like /music/to-be-processed where I can dump MP3’s for SongKong to properly tag then organize. I can put the “to-be-processed” folder outside of the /music folder if that helps… doesn’t matter to me but this is my goal.


Each profile configuration is stored in a file within the SongKong config folder. Now as long as you map /songkong to a real folder (as described in install instructions) this will persist outside of docker. Therefore you can create a container and configure the current profile, then stop that container and create a new one that will pick up the settings of the current profile as used by the previous container.

Oh wow that’s awesome. I had no idea. I will need to look for that config folder when I get home!