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Matching tracks with Discogs

Jaikoz doesn’t match entirely with Discogs anymore. It does match when the release has 1 track, but when i try to match with releases that have more than 1 track it doesn’t match anymore.

When did start occurring, can you give me an example Discogs release.

Yesterday it was fine. Today it’s not. I now noticed a couple of other releases with more than 1 file still work, but others still don’t. Seems like a problem at Discogs? My foobar2000 Discogs tagger still works though.


Okay, it seems there is an issue with the regular monthly Discogs release dumps, Jaikoz uses our copy of Discogs (Albunack) not the live Discogs db.

The releases.xml.gz file is usually about 11Gb, but the last two are wrong, the last one was only 2.6Gb. The next month is due now so if that is correct size I will rebuild Albunack database using latest MusicBrainz data and latest Discogs data, if still wrong I will have to use latest MusicBrainz data and Discogs data from May 2023 (discogs_20230601_releases.xml.gz)

In the meantime I will revert Albunack database back to previous version but that will take a few hours.

Alright, thanks. This clarifies things.

Hi, okay older version restored. The releases you have already tried will not work again immediately because cached, but it should work as usual for anything else

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Also see

Waiting until end of week for new Discogs data dump, if they still haven’t fixed by then I will use latest musicbrainz data and June Discogs dump instead…