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Albunack has been updated with latest data

Yes its overdue, cannot do it this week but should get it done week after.

Started working on this today, but takes a few day for the total process to complete

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Taking a bit longer because this is first update since last MusicBrainz schema release which broke a few things, and we also do more work on Acoustid database which is very large and hence slow to modify.

Ok now updated with data upto October 29th 2022

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Almost seven months without updating. Again…
I can understand the reasons for not having a direct connection to the Musicbrainz or Discogs db and the amount of work involved in updating Albunak, but as a customer these delays are unacceptable to me. This situation has been going on for years and this, unfortunately, will lead me not to renew the licenses upon expiry and to go towards other solutions

I was half expecting a post from you, and did want to get an update done already, but latest release took longer than expected. I can only apologize, intentions are honorable but complete automation of this process still has not happened, perhaps it will happen before your version expiry happens.

Ive started a new update.

Although one reason it is not all automated is because of things to be fixed. For example data from Acoustid has been missing critical table for a few years to allow Acoustid releases to be created

this has at last been fixed, but I now need to write some custom scripts to go back and get the missing data (since not available as a single update)

Okay now updated with data upto 14th May 2023

Now updated upto 21st August 2023.

Had to temporarily go back to previous version because of an issue with the latest Discogs data dumps, see Matching tracks with Discogs

Waiting until end of week for new Discogs data dump, if they still haven’t fixed by then I will use latest MusicBrainz data and June Discogs dump instead.

I waited and waited for Discogs to fix their database and eventually went ahead with Discogs June update, Albunack now updated with MusicBrainz data upto 29/09/2023.

It seems they have just in the last couple of days fixed the issue with the release of the Discogs October 2023 dump so I will do another update relatively soon.

The Bruce Springsteen Discography has just been updated, the web page says “This discography page was generated on 06-Nov-2023

What I do not understand is that the following two entries are still separated in the report

although on Discogs they both belong to the same Master release and on Musicbrainz to the same Release Group

I would only expect two releases as marked with “Discogs Releases not linked to MusicBrainz”

  • 17145325-Bruce-Springsteen-Oh-Boy
  • 18090160-Bruce-Springsteen-Oh-Boy

as the other ones ARE already linked
Any ideas whats happening here or causing this ?

When it says page was was updated in November that only means the webpage was created then, not that it using data from musicbrainz and discogs from then. Albunack is using data from the last database update which is 29/09/2023 from MusicBrainz and 30/06/2023 for Discogs due to the Discogs archive issue. But now that Discogs resolved that we will do another update very soon but waiting for them to complete the November archive, currently they have only uploaded 2 of the 4 files. But bear in mind we don’t simply update with new data we recreate the musicbrainz, discogs and Acoustid databases from scratch each time and then create additional links between them, so it is a non trivial task that takes nearly a week.

Thanks for the prompt answer … well now that makes sense.
It would be cool if the information about the database updates (discogs and musibrainz) could be included after the message “This discography page was generated on …” like for example:

“This discography page was generated on 06-Nov-2023 ” with data from Discogs(30/06/2023) and Musicbrainz (29/09/2023)

Or is it possible to get that information elsewhere ?

Actually what does you mean with “data from the last database update which is 29/09/2023 from Musicbrainz” … I mean the “last database update” part ? Isn’t the Musicbrainz database constantly updated ?

No its not constantly updated. because we are updating from multiple data sources, there is not a way to update consistently from these multiple sources and keep them in sync.

So what we do we periodically create new database from these sources, and then build a search index that is used by SongKong and Jaikoz. So the database is slightly out of date but for the vast majority of users this is no problem as they are trying to identify their music collections hardly any of their releases are going to be brand new releases, or be old releases that are affected by a recent edit.

We plan this to be monthly since the Discogs data dumps are released monthly, but currently taking a bit longer than that.

We recognise that for a few users that is an issue, so Jaikoz already searches the live MusicBrainz database if unable to find a match to the Albunack Database. We plan to add this to SongKong, and add live Discogs searches as well.

Cool thx for the answer … but one last question remains (than I’ll shut up) is there a place where we can find out on which date you take the snapshots of the Discogs and Musicbrainz databases … or will you just announce that on this page ?

Just announce on this page.

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Just so you are aware, new data index has been created upto mid November for MusicBrainz and end of October for Discogs. But using the AWS Elastic Beanstalk service we have to deploy a new server every time we have new indexes, security changes and retirement of some server platforms by Amazon have prevented the current server config working, and quick solution not available.

Working on a solution.