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Manual edit not working under ver7.2


I’ve recently updated to latest ver 7.2. I then encountered an issue with manual edit function. When I finish all manual edit and click save, it won’t save anything but prompt following error messages:

Error report is shown as below:

Summary report is shown as below:

It is quite strage that in the summary report the selected file path seems to be incorrect. It shows:

  • Selected Folder : C:\iso2dsd_PC_v9\Beethoven Symphony No.3…[folder 1]

However the actual folder selected is:
E:\uTorrent Download\EMI\Disc 1…[folder 2]

Below is what I did:

  1. Use iso2dsd tool to split an iso file into DSF files, stored in [folder 1].
  2. Run SongKong auto matching in [folder 1] and move all matched files to [folder 2].
  3. Run SongKong manual edit in [folder 2] and save without changing path.

In step 3 I got above error message and the selected folder is shown as [folder 1] instead of [folder 2].

I have sent a support file but not sure whether I did it correctly.

Please help look into this as manual edit is very useful to tweak a little after auto matching did 99% of work perfectly. Thanks

Hi, SongKong 7.2 had a substantial rewrite of the Rename/Save File code and there seem to be a few bugs introduced. I am just working through these and firstly I have replaced the original version with a newer version with some more debugging (and some fixes) to help me solve the remaining issues, then once I have solved the issues I will release SongKong 7.2.1 with the fixes.

So please do the following:

  1. Uninstall SongKong (on Windows must uninstall cant just install over the top because same version)
  2. Download SongKong from website
  3. Reinstall
  4. Check you have the newest version (select Help:About and Build Date should say 11/03/2021)


  1. Rerun, and rerun Create Support Files

Note this new version does already contain one fix for Manual Edit but does not look quite the same as your issue so the new version may fix the issue, or if not will provide additional debugging to help me fix the issue.

Thank you. I just re-installed and now it seems work fine. Anyway I also re-run a support file and just sent.

Thank you and keep us posted.

Thanks , yes it turned out to be a variation of the same problem so now fixed.