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Lower scrolling bar not working

Today I. noticed when use my mouse to move from Let to right the lower menu bar don’t move anything.
Instead it move the all window of Jaikoz. Never happen before. If I use the trackpad of the computer then everything is working, I have an apple mouse and the mouse was always working but since the new version it don’t

I can’t create a support file a message come saying:

Thanks Paul

Can you check build date of your Jaikoz release in Help:About - it should say 25th January 2024?

Did you enter the forum url of this post (e.g Lower scrolling bar not working) into the forum url field or leave it blank, if blank you need to add it so then we know why the support files have been sent.

Thanks Paul

About the support file. In Jaikoz i selected create a support file then a window opened explaining how and where to go to create a support file. In the window of the forum i had explain what was my problem and then selected Upload file and then the message came saying i can’t create a support file.

But in the window that comes up you need to post put in the url of the forum and you just left the field iblank, that is the problem.

Sorry Paul I don’t understand how to do it.
Usually when you select Create support file it will directly create a support that is zip.
Now it don’t so I am confuse. My 96. years old brain don’t get it lol :grinning:

OK, so you select Create Support Files it brings up this dialog


Note the field at the bottom to the right of the label Forum Url it is blank

What you are meant to do is enter the url of the forum topic


Now when you select OK it works and uploads the logs to our server


So why have we changed this?

Well Jaikoz used to create the support file but there were two problems:

  • You could only enter plain text information about the issue
  • After creating the support file you then had to find the file, fire up your email and send it

Both of these problems are now resolved, but if I let you create the support files without linking it to a forum post then I would have no idea why the support files had been sent and we would have nowhere to discuss the issue.

Does that make sense now ?

I dont have an apple mouse, but I can click on the status bar and drag it left and right, is that what you mean or have i misunderstood?

It is all good now no more problem.
The only thing is I can’t see on the menu bar of Jaikoz the Lower Case all letters and Title case.
It is there for invisible.
About the mouse it is all good now since the corrected version.
Thank you for your explanation about how to send a support file with the url.

Yes you already reported that

Thanks Paul

I had try to adjust like you suggested but nothing happen.

Do you plan to correct the problem ?

Yes plan to correct, but I have bugs to fix and lots of improvemrnts to do,and only so many hours in the day!

It’s all good I know how busy you are Paul and I appreciate your hard mental work

thank you all, I had the same problem and it got fixed <3

it was perfect. thank you so much