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Lost my profiles

Hi Paul,
I recently upgraded SongKong and moved to Pro version.
Though, all my taylor-made profiles seem lost :sob:

Is there some way to recover them?
At least by digging in files?


What version did you upgrade from?

Is there some way to know that for certain?
Previous usage was on Dec. 4th, 2022, so it was the up-to-date version at this date.

Hi, thats make sense, so you were on a version 8 release and have now updated to version 9 release. In SongKong 9.0 there were some significant changes and this included profiles - SongKong 9.0 Drukqs released 11th of May 2023

In previous version all the profiles could be used for any task, now there are different profiles for different tasks. This meant it was not possible to reliably convert profiles because we did not know what task the profile was intended for.

However, the original profiles should still be in your user folder ( e.g C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\SongKong on Windows). They are named songkong[0-9].properties whereas the new fix songs profile files are called songkong_fixsongs[0-9].properties. So what you could do is rename them to a songs_fixsongs[xx].properties file where xx is the next available number and then start SongKong and they should now show as a profile that you can select when you start Fix Songs.

Or if some profiles were intended for other tasks they can be renamed accordingly.

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Thanks Paul,
I’m going to try this. (I planned to work on this last week-end but I’ve been delayed :rugby_football::rugby_football::rugby_football:)
I let you know if I have question, for now consider this issue closed.