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Linking with itunes

Hi I?m new to SongKong (just downloaded this morning) I?ve tried it on some of my classical things following advice from your videos etc. But it seems to have no impact on the appearance of the files appearance in iTunes. Has this anything to do with fact that my music, a combination of downloaded stuff and copied from cds, is held on an external drive, whilst the iTunes library is saved to my iMac (Mojave) hard drive. The main reason I bought SK was to sort out my classical stuff. Any advice would be welcome.

On MacOS by default iTunes makes a copy of every file that is added to iTunes, and form that point on it uses that copy so any changes made to the original files has no effect. (On Windows by default it doesnt do the copy)

If that is the case then you should point SongKong to the iTunes library folder rather than the original file location.