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License issue support


I’ve sent an email earlier last week but did not receive any answer…
I can’t seem to activate any of the licenses …

Could you please check and send me the correct details ?

Kind regards,


Hi, sorry missed that, found it now, if you have an issue it’s always best to post on forum rather than send email.

Hello Paul,

I’ve replied to your email but not sure where they land. I have indeed purchased a license this year.
Transaction: 5GY13744PH1540204
Seller Transaction ID: 5PD71011DT373173Y

Purchased on 10 December 2023

Hi, okay you upgraded your license from standard to pro that is a different thing. Yo need to purchase version updates to use with latest version.

Oh… I see another mistake… Is there a way to transfer that ? I don’t think I need pro

No Im sorry we cannot revert it, and we have made it very clear on the website

Could you then cancel the order I made ? And send me a refund ? It does not make sense that I’ve purchase something that I can’t even use… what am I supposed to do now ? And the fact that although it requested my old email it did not warn that I would not be able to use it. It worked for a week and then blocked me…

It’s really a shame as I am always happy to contribute to software…

Great way to start 2024…

Also I believe that my initial license, was already pro…

Well I dont know about that, maybe you already had it running and then restarted after a week ?

Purchase one year of version updates then you can use latest version with pro features. The thing is the application clearly states if you need to purchase version updates before updating to a new version, and the website explains what you need to purchase, and now you say you already had a pro (which I will have to check), so why did you did you purchase a pro update?

I made a mistake… your website is confusing,

Once more, I needed to use the tool, realised my license was outdated and selected the wrong item as I tried to buy a new one. That is what happened.

I’m unfortunately not going to spend another £11 for your tool that I already spent £12 thinking I was getting the right upgrade.

So if there is no way around, I would like to be refunded, as I will have to do without, given I have no way to use the tool outside than preview mode…

Would be interested to know what is confusing about the website so I can improve it ?

Okay I will convert your pro payment to version updates payment. But I will have to deactivate your existing license and send you a new license because you now have a pro license I cannot downgrade it back to standard. So I’m now away from office so won’t be able to do this today.

Thank you very much for taking this onboard and helping on sorting it out. I went too quickly and realised what happened. ( I considered both and removed the wrong one in the basket )
Feel free to do the change whenever you have time.

Regarding the license purchase improvements. I can think of a few small improvements that could help (it’s my job)

  • Clearly separating License purchase and license upgrade.

Buy License

  • Add explainer text under each product to buy. (3 cards side by side - Title, description, price )
  • Change button to Buy License

Version upgrade

  • Add explainer text under each product to upgrade. (2 cards side by side )

  • Change button to Upgrade

  • Break down the licence email capture from upgrade selection

    1. Type in email (for current license) then
    2. Click upgrade
    3. Show upgrade options
    4. select upgrade. (progressive disclosure on front end)

I’m happy to help you out at some point to mock something up that would not involve too much front end dev.

Rough idea here… hope this helps

Hi, I have sent you a new license and deleted the old license, so you need to enter the new license details into SongKong. Thankyou for the advise on the Shop page, I can see that is a bit clearer and will implement your solution soon.

So I don’t forget I have added for website redesign

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Nice! Although it’s a mock up you’d probably need to tweak and adjust a bit to suit your needs!

Hello Paul, could you please delete this thread as my email is visible on google and I don’t have permission to delete myself

thanks for your help

Hi, I have removed email address from thread.

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@edwardb123 okay I have updated the shop page - feed back welcome