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License help

Hello Paul
I would need my License.

New computer and Problem with my mail account…nothing left.

I still have one pro license instal on my laptop.

this is for my desktop

Tank you…sorry for the trouble

Hi, i have just emailed you it.

Hi Paul,

Please can you send me the license details for my copy of SongKong which is running but won’t stop running in the Lite mode, I’ve asked a couple of times in various emails since last year but have had no response from you.

Also, does the latest version of Songkong use the same lookup databases/subroutines as Jaikoz v10?


Hi, sorry I am not sure how I missed this but I have now sent your license details by private message.

Jaikoz and SongKong use the same databases, the algorithms they use to match are similar but not the same.

Hello I have 2 problemes

First : I took by mistake the licence for one year upgrade with me email could you reimburse me this please,

Second : I paid for a full pro licence for my email that I registered myself in this forum,
But I have an issue

Please could you tell me why I have this error

Thank you
Best regards

Hi Armand, I have refunded you the one year upgrade payment.
To see what is causing the encoding problem please run Create Support Files

I ve tried to uninstall and reinstall.then put my licence will see what happens

The app was working but when I close the app and open it again
I have again the same error
I could not click on Create Support Files
Do you a want video or something?
Maybe the reason is the + in the email?

Thank you

Hi. I think you are right and it is the plus sign in email, do you have a different email address I can use ?

Yes @paultaylor my email

Thank you

Hi, okay I have emailed you a new license that you should use instead.