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License Error

This license is currently being used by two other computers, this is the maximum allowed. If you need to use Jaikoz on this computer shut down Jaikoz on the other computer or purchase additional licenses.

I don’t know why I’m getting this but I have reinstalled my OS on my Linux box and I have a new Laptop too but Jaikoz is only installed on the Laptop now. I have no other computers currently running Jaikoz or that even have Jaikoz installed on them.

its tied to mac address, this had to be done ro prevent users buying a license and sharing with everyone they know, Ive now reset for your user so the license will be valid for the first two computers you run (not install) Jaikoz on.

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I recently changed my internet settings at home and I’m experiencing the same message. Could you please reset so I can use with new MAC address? Thanks

Hi @bobybayo , it has now been reset should work now.

Should I reinstall? or get a new license files?

You should just be able to restart and then it will work unless the problem is different.

Hi @bobybayo, I dont think the issue was your Mac address, have just checked your email address, I have no license registered to this email account but there is one registered to a different email address (libertypr in name) that seems to be for you. It also seems trawling old emails that we had some issue sending you the license when you originally purchased it. However the license I found is not valid for current Jaikoz release you need to purchase 1 year of updates at to get it working.

The email (libertypr) is not working since (Sept 2017). I checked the License on Jaikoz and appears under the Gmail address. Anyway, I will proceed with update purchase. Thanks.

Just sent an email to support because I purchased the 1 year update (Your Invoice ID is 153622059) but got allocated to my Paypal email and not my gmail.

@bobybayo i have just sent you a new license by email, and checked it works.

Thanks. It is working now. I noticed that the new license is registered under the libertypr email which is o longer available and I have no access. The latest version of Jaikos I was running was under the gmail address. Is it possible that I have 2 licenses?

I think there was some issue when you originally purchased Jaikoz, I have sent you original license and version updates has been put onto this. I have also linked your gmail account to this license so although it shows the old email address you can use either email address in future to purchase version updates. Also intended a later version of Jaikoz will display your current email address rather than your original email address, bu this is not done yet.

Thanks a lot. Great support.