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License issue after swapping preferences

I did some uninstalling and reinstalling of Jaikoz, some deleting and replacing-with-an-earlier-version of “C:\Users\user_name\Jaikoz”, and ended up with the message “This license is currently being used by two other computers, this is the maximum allowed” and a crippled “View Only Mode” Jaikoz. I did not install Jaikoz on any other computer, and did not give a copy of the license to anyone else. Please reset my license.

I kept an earlier version of my Jaikoz preferences, by keeping a copy of the contents of “C:\Users\user_name\Jaikoz”. Later I reused these preferences by replacing the current contents of “C:\Users\user_name\Jaikoz” with the kept earlier copy. This may have contributed to my license problem above. Is there a smarter way to keep a copy of Jaikoz preferences for possible future use (with the same version of Jaikoz)?

Not sure exactly what happened here, but please try now should now be okay.

The plan is to have profiles like we do in SongKong to let you have multiple different sets of preferences, but we dont currently have such a mechanism.

The problem has been solved now. Thank you.