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Lack of Jaikoz Video Tutorials

Hi all I have recently purchased the pro version of Jaikoz however I don’t know where to begin where using the software is concerned as there are no viable tutorials available ie videos Ect.

I saw two tutorials on YouTube one was without sound and the other was from a guy who looked as if he was reading from a bad script and I just could not follow can someone upload or point me to a good tutorial of how to use this software to start tagging my music by genre, and adding metadata to a few more sections. I just need to clean up my library tags search for and delete duplicates .

You are quite right there is a dearth of video tutorials, I realize that this needs addressing but the guy who looked as if he was reading from a bad script is me ! I dont find speaking aloud/presenting that easy and it would take alot of time/money to find someone else to do them.

But it is clearly a serious omission in the the help available for Jaikzo/SongKong so I am going to address it.

However in the meantime we do have a good forum, and will answer any questions you have that way, as a starting point I have just created a basic tutorial post to try and address your questions - Jaikoz Basics Tutorial