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Jaikoz User Interface Improvements

Now released in Jaikoz 11.1.0 Hole released 3rd March 2022 that has some of the improvements discussed in this topic

  • Tables are now tabbed so no longer have to have single very wide table, fully configurable
  • Audio tab moved to the Edit section tab so can now view audio metadata without having to split screen with Show View Pane
  • Implemented Multi-Column Sorting

Considerations for next release

In Jaikoz 11.1 we switched to using FlatLaf look and feel for MacOS Dark Mode, this was driven by necessity to fix an issue related to multi-column sorting. But am looking to also using this for Windows and Linux to provide a dark mode, also looking to use FlatLaf Light mode to be the default for Windows and Linux, so that interface is now consistent and more modern for Windows and Linux.

One question for everyone , should I use Flatlaf Light for MacOS as well, or stick to the standard Aqua Look and Feel ?

Would also like to add the ability to add custom columns for fields not directly supported by Jaikoz

Could we have the option of selecting which look we want?

Yes, on Windows/Linux you already can with the Appearance option, but you just have a choice of Windows or Cross-Platform on Windows and Plastic or Cross-Platform for Linux

For Mac we don’t have this option instead it swaps between Dark/Light (Aqua) based on settings in MacOS Appearance menu (but not if you change MacOS Appearance when Jaikoz already running)

Just been looking at Safari web-browser on MacOS and this seems very similar when using Light or Dark, i.e the Light mode looks more like the current Jaikoz Dark mode (except for colours) than the current Jaikoz Aqua look, so I am erring towards using FatLaf for both modes.

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Working on Dark Mode for Windows, what do you think ?
Should we have stripes for main table or just gridlines ?

and this is light version

I think I like the lighter version better. On the dark version, is it possible to make the letters a brighter white?

It is technically possible, but the white is not chosen by me it is the white that the FlatLaf developer has chosen to best match the standard Dark look and they have more experience with this then me, so I think for at least first release I would like to keep to the default.

ahhh…ok :slight_smile:

Have now had this new modern look as part of Jaikoz 11.2.0 Swans

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