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Jaikoz 11.2.0 Swans released March 8th 2022

Jaikoz 11.2.0 Swans released March 8th 2022

Modern Unified Look

This new Jaikoz release now has the same two modern unified look and feels for all platforms. There is a Light and a Dark look that look very similar regardless of if you are on MacOS, Windows or Linux, but all key bindings work correctly for the platform




You can select the appearance at Preferences:General:Appearance:Appearance but Jaikoz has to be restarted for it to take effect

On MacOS the Appearance option includes an Match Appearance option and this is the default. With this Jaikoz will be started in Light or Dark mode depending what has been set in your Mac settings.

Bug Fixes
We also fix a few problems found with Jaikoz 11.1.0


JAIKOZ-1378 Sorter Error on close

JAIKOZ-1376 Exception after removing custom tables when detail panel enabled

JAIKOZ-1375 SplitBars controls dont let proportions to be changed on Mac Dark mode and Linux plastic Laf

JAIKOZ-1374 Fixes for FlatLaf Dark Mode on MacOS


JAIKOZ-1379 On MacOS allow to select Light/Dark different to MacOS appearance

JAIKOZ-1355 Use FlatLaf Look for all platforms

JAIKOZ-1354 Create Dark Mode for all platforms

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Can we make suggestions for the next upgrade?

Yes but please add to a suitable topic or create a new topic.

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Would be nice if I could use this with mp4.

You can edit mp4 files, I suppose you mean video mp4 but im not sure how you would expect that to work